Custom Water Features Installation

Add movement and flair to your residential or commercial property with custom water features and accessories. Waterwalls, fountains and miniature ponds are popular eye-catching choices for transforming your property. 

Water Feature Ideas

Add visual interest and increase your property value with a water feature. Flowing water soothes the soul, attracts birds and masks unwanted noise. According to the ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui, flowing water attracts wealth and prosperity. 

Types of Water Features:


Waterfalls act as a standalone feature or as an architectural addition. Use real stone, sculpted concrete or fiberglass in neutral colors to mimic a natural waterfall or go bold to create a standout art piece. Nelson Landscape has experience with short, tall, simple and complex waterfall designs.

Sprout Water Feature

Create a grand effect with a sprouting water feature. Sprouting fountains shoot water into the air for a dramatic effect. Place a sprouting water feature just about anywhere for a striking display. 

Mini Pond

Bring peace and harmony to your outdoor space with a mini pond. A mini pond is essential for achieving a zen atmosphere. Choose a classic ground pond, garden pond, water garden or koi pond to complement your yard.


Be mesmerized by the tranquility of a waterwall. Water slowly cascades down the face of a decorative wall through a recycled process. The masonry wall can be made of stone, natural material or tile. Waterwalls provide elegance to an entryway, poolside, outdoor kitchen or garden. Add LED lights for a stunning night effect.


Install a grand, delicate, modern, baroque or European fountain in the style of your choice. Choose a self-contained, endless, tiered, solar, Japanese, cascading or floating design. Due to their versatility and endless style options, water fountains suit any property. 

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