Leading Landscape Architecture
Since 1959

Our family business began in 1959 with Jerome Nelson. With only a dream and a passion, Jerome Nelson developed a reputable business which he later passed to his nephew, Dale Nelson. Since our start, we’ve prioritized honesty and quality work. Now, more than 63 years from our start, we continue to serve the Southeast, WI area. 

Nelson Landscape Timeline

1950’s - Jerome Nelson

Jerome Nelson leaves United Parcel Service and starts a landscape business with a shovel, rake and wheelbarrow.

1959 - Incorporation

Jerome Nelson incorporates the company of 5 employees.

1965 - Dale Nelson

Jerome Nelson’s nephew, Dale Nelson, starts working for the company at 13 years old.

1970 - Design & Implementation

Dale Nelson, at the age of 18, begins drawing and designing landscape plans for purchase. Dale quickly becomes Nelson’s Landscape Superintendent, in charge of design and implementation during all phases.

1980’s -

Nelson Landscape completes Miller Brewery in the early 1980’s. 

1990 - Jerome Retires & Dale Continues Nelson Landscape

Jerome retires and Dale purchases Nelson Landscape Inc. Employees quadrupled. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Dale continues to focus on commercial and larger residential projects with a distinctive design style establishing strong customer relationships to set the company apart from competitors.

1990’s -

Nelson Landscape begins the design and construction of Bristlecone Pines Golf Course in Hartland which featured planting berms over a mile long among other unique aspects of the large project.

2000’s - Influential Projects

Project sizes and complexity grows, The size and sales of the company surpass competitors. Nelson Landscape completes projects for General Electric, The Grand Avenue Mall, and Reuss Federal Plaza in downtown Milwaukee.

NOW - Looking to the Future

Nelson Landscape, Inc. will continue to focus on creating distinctive residential and commercial projects as its core competencies. Proud of past successes, we set them as precedents to achieve even greater results in the future.

The Nelson Landscape Mission

The mission of Nelson Landscape Inc. is to provide commercial and residential clients with distinctive design and build landscape services throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin market. In doing so, we must be socially and environmentally responsible stewards to the communities we work in while promoting growth and ethically sound business practices within the organization. We must continue to be dedicated to our employees, the most valuable assets of the organization who allow the Company to excel in efficient implementation of projects while maintaining an exceptional level of quality and attention to detail. In all aspects of operations, we will continue to focus on our passion for this specialized work and do our small part in being caretakers of this Earth.