Exterior Night Lighting
Design & Installation

Nelson Landscape installs automated smart lighting systems for Southeast, WI residential and commercial properties. Transform your space into a lively, natural sanctuary with night lighting and integrated sound systems. Choose from ground lighting to ornate lighting fixtures and lanterns to illuminate your property. Work with our professional landscape architects to create a stunning space, ideal for lounging and entertaining.

Types of Exterior Lighting

Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. Exterior lighting increases functionality and improves home aesthetics. Nelson Landscape works with clients to make the best exterior lighting selection. Based on the layout of your property and intended use, we’ll recommend a variety of light fixtures in different styles.

Ground Lights
Motion Sensor
Solar Lights
LED Lights
Step Lights
Bollard Lights
String Lights

4 Ways Exterior Lighting Benefits your Home

Install professional exterior lighting for: 

  1. Safety

    Protect your friends and family by installing outdoor lights near stairs, pools, trees and tripping hazards. Driveway lights help your family and friends come and go with ease.

  2. Longer Outdoor Enjoyment

    Take advantage of Wisconsin weather long after the sun sets. Exterior lighting prolongs and encourages outdoor enjoyment. Enjoy a meal under the stars, entertain friends and family or enjoy a seasonal bonfire in a well-lit space.

  3. Greater Curb Appeal

    Outdoor lighting showcases your landscaping and the elements unique to your property. Illuminate key focal points and leave others in the shadows. Strategically placed downlights accentuate home exteriors while bullet lights illuminate plants and shrubs. 

  4. Heightened Home Security

    Add lights to your property to deter theft. Intruders are less likely to choose well-lit properties and less likely to go unseen.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Eliminate worry when Wisconsin weather strikes! Our sound systems are specifically designed and built for outdoor elements. Never miss a sports game while doing yard work, make parties more fun and enjoy music year-round with outdoor sound systems. 

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