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Commercial & Residential Landscape Architecture

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Flower & plant designers at Nelson Landscape We create beautiful landscape designs with stone, slate, pavers, bricks & more

Landscaping & Hardscapingin Southeastern Wisconsin

Waukesha landscapers for gardens, retaining walls, walkways & more

Landscaping Design, Architecture & Renovation

Our team specializes in new property construction and design. We work with architects and construction companies to design lively, eye-catching exterior spaces.

Waukesha hardscapers build patios, fences, & stairs

Hardscaping Services: Patios, Pavers & Fences

Nelson Landscape builds structures and features that become the centerpiece of a space. Choose from patios, pavers, fences, fire pits and pergolas.

Add a custom fountain, waterfall, or pond to your home or business

Water Features: Fountains, Ponds & Waterfalls

Add movement and flair to your property with custom water features and accessories, including waterwalls, fountains and miniature ponds.

Tree service & arborist in Waukesha & Southeast Wisconsin

Arborist Landscaping & Garden Design

Our contractors plan vegetation, foliage and gardens for every space. We mainly use natural vegetation in our landscape designs, including native trees, shrubs, perennials & annuals.

Irrigation services for a healthy lawn: sprinklers & drains

Irrigation Systems

Install irrigation systems to prevent flooding and rain water from ruining your property. Custom designed drainage systems alleviate water build up.

Outdoor lighting & sound system installers in Waukesha

Night Lighting Design & Sound Systems

Nelson Landscape specializes in automated smart lighting systems. Choose from ground lighting to ornate lighting fixtures and lanterns to illuminate your property.

Artificial turf installers in Southeast Wisconsin

Turf Installation

A turf lawn will save on maintenance time and costs. Our turf installation projects include fine grading, seeding and sod.

Retaining wall builders in Waukesha County

Retaining & Decorative Walls

Retaining walls serve a double purpose as they maximize your property’s flat ground and help prevent flooding & soil erosion.

Caretakers of the Earth

Nelson Landscape is based in Waukesha, WI and serves residential and commercial property owners from Mequon to Lake Country. Our company was founded back in 1959 by Jerome Nelson and has served Southeastern Wisconsin for over 60 years. As project size and complexity grew, our team has had the opportunity to work with:

Nelson Landscape serves even large corporations such as General Electric Nelson Landscape services Grand Avenue Mall in Milwaukee Nelson Landscape's work on the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee Golf Course landscapers for Waukesha & Milwaukee areas See our landscaping work at Kwik Trip locations across Wisconsin Urban Landscaping in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

By the 90s our company had quadrupled in size and continues to focus on commercial and larger residential projects. We pride ourselves on a distinct architectural style and strong relationships with each of our customers.

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Residentail landscaping in Waukesha, Milwaukee & surrounding areas


Our architects approach each project as a new opportunity to create a unique space and atmosphere. Collaborate with our designers to build your dream backyard. Transform your space into a lavish event venue.

Commercial landscaping in Waukesha, Milwaukee & surrounding areas


Nelson Landscape are environmentally responsible stewards to the communities we work in. We specialize in landscape design and construction of new commercial properties, subdivisions, condominiums and more.

Bringing Your Vision to Life Start Your Project

Nelson Landscape differs from other landscape contractors in the area because we approach each project as a unique challenge and opportunity. We hold high expectations of quality in construction and attention to detail for every project. Our architects specialize only in the design/build process and do not perform any regular property maintenance. From preliminary design concepts through construction and project completion, we ensure each customer’s original vision comes to life. Our team is conscious of budgets and will adhere to all agreed budgeting set during the design stage.

The Nelson team is highly passionate about the work we do. As the third generation of our family takes over the ropes, we take great pride in this special line of work. Nelson stands behind our family name and we’re happy to provide any additional information or references from our numerous residential and commercial clients.