Turf Lawn Installation
in Southeast Wisconsin

Sick of all the maintenance that comes with caring for a real grass lawn? A turf lawn will save on maintenance time and costs. Our turf installation projects include fine grading, seeding and sod. We consult with our customers throughout the planning and installation stages to make sure we deliver on every expectation.

Why Install a Turf Lawn in Wisconsin 

The Great Lakes region is no stranger to extremely hot and cold temperatures. Combined with summer downpours and snowy winters, healthy lawn maintenance is tough and expensive. If you thought turf lawns were only suitable for mild climates, think again. There are numerous benefits to installing synthetic grass on Wisconsin properties. 

Benefits of Artificial Turf:

  1. Less water consumption

    With synthetic grass, gone are the days of sprinklers. Lowering your water consumption lessens your ecological footprint and saves money. 

  2. Lower maintenance

    Never fertilize or mow your lawn again. Have more time on the weekends to do what you love.

  3. A guaranteed green lawn

    Take away the stress of dead spots, recurring weeds and brown grass. We guarantee your lawn will be the greenest and most natural looking on the block.

  4. Dog friendly

    Artificial turf can’t be dug up and with synthetic grass, muddy paws are a thing of the past. Turf is easy to clean and keep sterile. 

  5. Kid friendly

    Turf is naturally soft and the inclusion of a shock pad minimizes injuries from falls. Synthetic grass is safe for kids and resistant to allergens and dust. 

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