Retaining Wall Hardscaping
for Southeast, WI

Elevate your property through retaining wall hardscaping and create a stunning focal point to evoke the wow factor. Nelson Landscape’s endless design options suit all styles of homes or commercial properties. Choose from natural stone, modular block or vegetated styles. We use several materials and colors for a bold or integrated look. We’ve installed gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling and anchored retaining walls for our customers. Rest assured Nelson Landscape’s retaining walls are the most durable and stable in Wisconsin.

Retaining Wall Ideas for Southeast, WI Homes

Not sure where to hardscape a retaining wall? Nelson Landscape has ideas! 

  1. Terrace your backyard.
  2. Carve out a patio or deck.
  3. Add an entrance or sidewalk transition.
  4. Elevate your driveway.
  5. Define pool siding. 
  6. Create a built-in hangout or firepit.

The Hidden Benefits of Retaining Walls:

  1. Flood Control

    Southeast, WI often deals with flooding and heavy rain throughout the 4-seasons. Nelson Landscape crafts specific designs to manage runoff and divert water away from your home. 

  2. Erosion Prevention

    Unlike flat gardens, retaining walls hold soil in place and facilitate drainage. The result is a consistent, manicured look.

  3. Better Gardens

    Similar to raised garden beds, retaining wall gardens conduct better drainage and warm quicker. The result is a longer growing season and a more controlled garden environment. 

  4. Property Value

    In a study, 99% of NAR members said curb appeal is important for attracting buyers. Retaining walls add a stunning feature and dramatically improve home exteriors.

Take advantage of luxury landscape design and property protection with retaining wall installation. Contact us for more information and view our gallery for retaining wall ideas.
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