Professional Landscape Design
near Waukesha, WI

Our team specializes in new property construction and design. We work with architects and construction companies to make lively, eye-catching exterior spaces for residential and commercial projects. From foliage & garden design to hardscaping and professional exterior lighting, Nelson Landscape enhances your property’s natural beauty. We’ll create the perfect environment for party hosting and events.

Principles for Distinctive Landscaping

Homeowners use interior design to create beautiful homes. Nelson Construction designs outdoor areas to match. Choose a modern, contemporary, traditional and tropical style for your outdoor landscape. Our materials and landscaping plans reflect our client’s individual style.

Nelson’s architects understand the complex principles of professional landscaping and ensure luxurious results for your Waukesha area property. 

Nelson Landscapers consider:
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Scale
  • Emphasis
  • Balance
  • Sequence 
  • Simplicity

Constructing an Outdoor Living Space

Using our years of experience in the landscaping industry, Nelson Landscape considers several elements to construct a space suitable for you.

  1. Purpose

    How will the client use the space.

  2. Layout

    Outdoor areas are a natural extension of a home.

  3. Surroundings

    How can we highlight special views, sunset or sunrise.

  4. Wind Patterns

    Capitalize on a regular evening breeze or block consistent winds.

  5. Comfort

    Umbrellas, pergolas, covered patios or trees provide relief from a hot summer day or a passing shower.

  6. Hardscaping

    We use a combination of materials and heights for a more interesting look.

  7. Plant Selection

    Fruit, vegetable, shrubs, or low-maintenance plants upgrade any space.

  8. Furnishings

    Some clients prefer a global theme or style. We include these architectural elements in our design.

  9. Ambiance

    Water, fire and lighting components add the final touch to a beautiful outdoor space.

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See Our Projects