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Landscaping & Exterior Architecture

For over 63 years, we’ve worked with commercial and residential clients in the Southeast, WI area on new construction landscaping. Nelson Landscape delivers high-quality results and fast turnaround times for builders, architects and luxury properties. We plan, design and install luxury landscape features to set your property apart. 

New Construction Services for Southeast, WI

Landscaping Design & Architecture

We work with architects and construction companies to design lively, eye-catching exterior spaces. From foliage & garden design to hardscaping and professional exterior lighting, Nelson Landscape enhances your property’s natural beauty.

Hardscaping Services

Add a patio, paver, fence, fire pit or pergola to extend your living space. Transform your property through functional hardscaping design.

Water Features

Waterwalls, fountains and miniature ponds add movement, tranquility and eye-catching flair. Increase your curb appeal and add visual interest to your property.

Arborist Landscaping & Garden Design

We offer strategic garden planning to safeguard your investment. Our experts use vegetation, native trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals for a lasting, thriving garden design.

Irrigation & Drainage Systems

Add convenience and protect your property with our irrigation and drainage system installations. Learn more about erosion, flooding and water damage prevention. 

Exterior Lighting & Sound Systems

Increase safety, enjoy the outdoors longer and add home value with an automated smart-lighting system. Install a weather-proof outdoor sound system for extra ambiance. Never miss a sports game while doing yard work again!

Turf Installation

Learn about turf grass and its life-changing benefits. Save money, time and water by installing artificial grass. Have the best-looking property around!

Retaining & Decorative Walls

Maximize your property’s flat ground and provide a stunning focal point for the space. Well-placed walls can also help prevent flooding and soil erosion.

Landscape Renovation

Renovate your property into a space you’re proud of and want to show off. Our renovation services include landscape restoration, retaining wall installation, patio and brickwork and flashy water features & exterior lighting.

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