Landscape Renovation
& Remodeling

Transform your property into a showstopping, efficient space. Landscaping increases curb appeal to the benefit of homeowners and future buyers. Add a unique touch to your Southeast, Wisconsin residential or commercial property through our softscaping and hardscaping services.

Why Start a Landscaping Project in Southeast, WI

Exterior home projects add property value and have a high return on investment. In a study, 99% of participants said curb appeal is important for attracting buyers and 94% of realtors suggest improving curb appeal before listing. Exterior projects provide a win-win. Homeowners gain a space they love and the investment won’t go to waste. Through landscape remodeling, Nelson Landscape helps residential and commercial customers create:

  1. Useable space
  2. Greater privacy
  3. Better views
  4. Improved functionality 
  5. Better property aesthetic  

Nelson’s Landscape Remodeling Services

Landscaping Design & Architecture

Hardscaping Services

Water Features

Arborist Landscaping & Garden Design

Irrigation & Drainage Systems

Exterior Lighting & Sound Systems

Turf Installation

Retaining & Decorative Walls

Contact Nelson Landscape for more information on our landscape renovation process. Note, our services do not include standard property maintenance. 
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