Commercial & Residential Irrigation Systems

Install an irrigation system to save time, water and plants. Property irrigation systems use tubes, pumps and sprays to provide the proper amount of water to grass and plants. Adequate soil and moisture are the first steps to a great-looking property.

Drainage System Benefits

Protect your lawn and property by installing a drainage system. Nelson Landscape positions piping to carry water away from your home’s foundation and landscape features. 

Drainage Systems Prevent:

  • Soil Erosion
  • Standing Water
  • Flooding Risks
  • Water Damage

The Effects of Irrigation Systems On

  1. Time

    An automatic irrigation system waters your property for you. We create a custom plan to irrigate areas that need it most. Take advantage of the timer feature for automatic control while you’re away.

  2. Money

    Timed, programmed systems make watering your property easy. Strategically placed irrigation systems mitigate costs by only using what’s necessary.

  3. Plants

    Consistent and strategic watering helps plants and grass reach their full potential. Enjoy a greener lawn and luscious plants.

  4. Weeds

    A controlled water supply reduces the risk of weeds by directly watering plant roots. This is beneficial for plants and deprives other areas of unwanted growth.

  5. Water

    Through a complex system of lines and emitters, irrigation systems drastically reduce the amount of water needed to keep your lawn healthy. Studies show drip irrigation systems reduce water usage by up to 70% compared to a sprinkler.

Nelson Landscape offers irrigation and drainage systems to suit the needs of your Southeast, WI property. Contact us today to learn more.
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